About Us

BHCC Mission Statement

The Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce  (BHCC) seeks to promote and support Hispanic businesses and professionals in the Greater Baltimore area and to develop Hispanic entrepreneurs through leadership, advocacy and economic empowerment.
La Camara de Comercio Hispana de Baltimore busca promover y apoyar a los negocios y profesionales Hispanos en Baltimore y sus alrededores y desarrollar empresarios Hispanos a traves de liderazgo, abogacia y atribucion de poder economico.

Who We Are 

The BHCC is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to executing the Mission of the BHCC. Our membership includes business owners, executives and professionals from a wide variety of industries. Our membership is open to everyone.  We are proud of  our heritage and our culturally, racially and ethnically diverse membership. Many of our constituent members are ExploringLatino/Latina owned businesses and we encourage businesses  that would like to do business  with this growing market segment to join us!

The BHCC’s events create a setting where business owners and professionals can come together informally make key contacts, generate business leads and begin new ventures. The BHCC works to promote the skills and business acumen of our members, through industry specific events, workshops and lectures. BHCC members care very deeply about the success of each other’s businesses and careers. We also share the belief that we are only truly successful when we help others to become successful in their respective ventures.
We serve Hispanic Owned businesses in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Our Goals

  • Connect Hispanic owned businesses with business opportunities at the local and state level.
  • Connect Hispanic owned businesses with other large companies or organizations that want to do business with our members.
  • Advocate for policies at the local and state level that will ensure Hispanic businesses will be successful.
  • Make people aware of the importance of Hispanic owned businesses in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.
  • Provide technical assistance as we can to ensure our members are successful.
  • Partner with key organizations to further these goals.

Our Members

The BHCC is composed primarily of  Hispanic-owned businesses and Hispanic Professionals from in and around the Baltimore Region. With our nondiscrimination policy, we also welcome non-Hispanic members who want to join the Chamber as a means of doing business with Hispanic owned businesses. We encourage non-Hispanics to partner with our Hispanic-owned businesses as a way to bridge the language and cultural divides, which helps all of the businesses involved to achieve their goals and fuels the economy of Baltimore City and the State by generating more business resource from companies and financial institutions that want to meet their diversity business goals to find suitable partners.

Our History

Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was formed on November 11, 2001 by representatives of the Baltimore Business Group, Broadway Area Business Association and the Baltimore Hispanic Business Association. These early members included Javier Bustamante, William (Bill) Villanueva, Luis Borunda, Enrique Rivadeneira, Luis Gutierrez, Jose Ortiz, Jaime Schwartzberg and others. Our first meeting took place at the original location of Carolina’s TexMex Restaurant. The founders joined forces to:

  • Strengthen community solidarity and reduce fragmentation of effort
  • Develop and grow a solid membership base of active, participating business owners and professionals
  • Build instant name recognition
  • Create a strong and recognized lobbying presence at the state, local and federal levels

Past Presidents of the Baltimore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Luis Borunda – 2001-2003
Roberto Allen – 2003-2005
Maria Welch – 2005-2007
Charlie Ramos – 2007-2009
Mauricio Barriero-2009-2010
Odette Ramos – 2010-2012

We are currently writing our history and if you would like to add any facts regarding our history please contact luis@thesignmaninc.com

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